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My name is Stephanie de Vries, I am an artist, health care worker, dog parent, nature lover and gardening enthusiast. I am also an aspiring poet and writer, student, pansexual person [part of the + in LGBTQIA+], a day dreamer, accidental herpes advocate and avid bushwalker. These are some of the things that identify me.  

Emu Creek Art Company features all original artworks and merchandise by me with considered and local supply chains.  We support local printers and makers with a focus on women, LGBTIQA+ and Aboriginal community suppliers. If you have a product that you think would work well with my art or would like to stock me please, reach out! 

Emu Creek Art Company started out Shitty Australiana before changing names in 2020.  Initially an art project to explore my creativity and combat lonliness in 2016, we've grown and changed over the last 6 years. 

Emu Creek is named after a little slice of paradise located on Worimi country which is on the East Coast of NSW.  I split my time between 30 acres of bush and a cosy home on the Central Coast of NSW on Darkinjung and Awabakal country.  

Emu Creek is home to some pretty special critters such as wedgetail eagles, monitors, kangaroos and wallabies. It's here that I draw most of my inspiration under the big mountain and open skies. I've spent a vast amount of time outdoors and I strive to capture the joy it brings me.  

The blue skies and red plains have always sung to my soul and I wish to explore my identity and love of the land in my artwork. My Mum's family lived on Ngadjuri land down south for generations and my Dad's family came to the continent via boat from Holland and after the second world war. It's my intention to share through art, and other makers works the complexity of living in the colony of Australia and connection to Country on which we find ourselves or where we came from.

I have a huge respect for the land we live on and are committed to social justice and sustainability in all action.  If you are a social justice or environmental organisation please get in touch for help with artwork that I can at my discretion provide a discounted rate or trade.  

I pay my respects to Aboriginal elders past, present and emerging who are the rightful owners of the stolen land that I live an work on. I pledge to donate 10% of profits from the Emu Creek Art Company across Aboriginal owned organisations and Community owned organisations every financial year, and still make donations regardless of profit amount.  This is one way in which I do my best to pay the rent.

Donation receipts are available to view here and here. Please note that I did not make a profit in my year of launch 19/20 and made a modest $600 profit in 20/21.

If you've got any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback get in touch with me emucreekartcompany@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting my work